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A virulent strain of Deformed Wing Virus (DWV) of Honeybees (Apis mellifera) prevails after Varroa destructor-mediated, or in vitro, transmission Eugene V. Ryabov, Graham R. Wood, Jessica M. Fannon, Jonathan D. Moore, James C. Bull, Dave Chandler, Andrew Mead, Nigel Burroughs, David John Evans
PLoS Pathogens 2014 vol.10
Error correction and diversity analysis of population mixtures determined by NGS Graham R. Wood, Nigel J. Burroughs, David John Evans, Eugene V. Ryabov
PeerJ 2014 vol.2
MosaicSolver Graham R. Wood, Eugene V. Ryabov, Jessica M. Fannon, Jonathan D. Moore, David John Evans, Nigel Burroughs
Nucleic Acids Research 2014 vol.42