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2015 (15/7)
PLoS One
Spontaneous deletion of an "ORFanage" region facilitates host adaptation in a "photosynthetic" cyanophage
Richard J. Puxty, Blanca Perez-Sepulveda, Branko Rihtman, David John Evans, Andrew D. Millard, David J. Scanlan 
Keywords: Marine viruses, Antagonistic coevolution, T4-like myoviruses, Synechococcus, GenomeQH301 Biology
2010 (9)
Isme journal
vol.4 pp.1121-1135
2008 (9)
Journal of Virology
vol.82 pp.9008-9022
1998 (7)
Journal of General Virology
vol.79 pp.1725-1734