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2018 (5)
ISME Journal
vol.12 pp.1273-1286
Energy limitation of cyanophage development
Richard J. Puxty, David John Evans, Andrew D. Millard, David J. Scanlan 
Keywords: QR MicrobiologyMicrobiology, Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and SystematicsNDAS
2018 (1/10)
Journal of General Virology
vol.99 pp.1345-1356
(Review article)
2017 (29/9)
CpG and UpA dinucleotides in both coding and non-coding regions of echovirus 7 inhibit replication initiation post-entry
Jelke J. Fros, Isabelle Dietrich, Kinda Alshaikhahmed, Tim C. Passchier, David John Evans, Peter Simmonds 
Keywords: QR355 Virology, RC Internal medicineNDAS
2016 (19/8)
Nucleic Acids Research
vol.44 pp.6883-6895
2016 (20/6)
Current Biology
vol.26 pp.1585-1589
Viruses inhibit CO2 fixation in the most abundant phototrophs on Earth
Richard J. Puxty, Andrew D. Millard, David John Evans, David J. Scanlan 
Keywords: QH301 BiologyNDAS
2015 (14/7)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
vol.112 pp.E3633-E3634
2015 (11/3)
Nucleic Acids Research
vol.43 pp.2914-2926
2015 (15/7)
PLoS One
Spontaneous deletion of an "ORFanage" region facilitates host adaptation in a "photosynthetic" cyanophage
Richard J. Puxty, Blanca Perez-Sepulveda, Branko Rihtman, David John Evans, Andrew D. Millard, David J. Scanlan 
Keywords: Marine viruses, Antagonistic coevolution, T4-like myoviruses, Synechococcus, GenomeQH301 Biology
2014 (26/6)
PLoS Pathogens
2014 (13/11)
2014 (15/9)
Nucleic Acids Research
Graham R. Wood, Eugene V. Ryabov, Jessica M. Fannon, Jonathan D. Moore, David John Evans, Nigel Burroughs 
Keywords: Deformed-wing-virus, Apis-mellifera l., Mite varroa-destructor, RNA viruses, Honey-beeQH301 Biology
2014 (9/11)
Photosynthesis Research

Shedding new light on viral photosynthesis
Richard J Puxty, Andrew D Millard, David John Evans, David J Scanlan 
2014 (3)
Nucleic Acids Research
vol.42 pp.3314-3329
2013 (7)
Nucleic Acids Research
vol.41 pp.6316-6331
2013 (22/4)
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment
vol.11 pp.251-259
Threats to an ecosystem service
Adam J Vanbergen, the Insect Pollinators Initiative, David John Evans