Canterbury Beekeepers

Page 3 CBKA newsletter

Page 3 CBKA newsletter

I’m pleased to be speaking at Canterbury Beekeepers on the 5th of March about The plight of the honeybee – identification of a virulent strain of Deformed Wing Virus and was amused they’d posted the announcement – complete with the cropped image I provided – on page 3 of their very professionally produced newsletter.

Probably the only acceptable topless page 3 image of me.

Update (7th March)… isn’t the interwebs a wonderful thing? Not only was there a discussion before the evening on the Beekeeping Forum about the talk and venue, but an account of the talk was subsequently posted online. The latter included debate of some of the points raised in the talk which got a little lost in translation. As a friend said to me “it’s like reading your own obituary“. It’s more than a little tempting to register and post something scurrilous …

I’d like to thank Canterbury Beekeepers for an enjoyable evening, an attentive and interesting audience and their excellent hospitality.